Set your MYOB data free!

It generally takes an extraordinary amount of work to generate and export report data from MYOB for anything but the simplest of tasks, even if you use the very limited export facilities that are built-in.

If you want to transfer as much of your data from MYOB as possible, say to another accounting package, another payroll, another database for further analysis or even to create your own accounting system based on existing MYOB data, then it's next to impossible - or was until now!

myData takes care of this problem by providing a simple table and record dump from any AccountEdge (MAC) or Premier (PC) database (MYO format), and it's free to use.

myData _ Export your data from MYOB database-1

If myData doesn't work for your database or you'd like extra export options, we'd like to know so we can help you get to your data. Just click here.

NOTE! MYOX files are in a different format (Microsoft SQL Server CE version 3.5 - aka SQLCE or SDF). MyData does *not* provide access to the new format, however a free utility is available here.

You can also leave a comment below and share your thoughts with others who might also like to get access to their valuable, but hard to get at, MYOB data.

If you have any problems using the myData export utility, please contact us.

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